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Demo Production

Working with Lainie

Lainie works one-on-one with former students to create killer demos.  These highly professional demos get talents the agents they seek and the work they want. Demos are produced at The Block House in Austin, which offers two sound booths, complete music and sound effects libraries plus full-service engineering.  Lainie coaches talent every step of the way, starting with copy selection.  Lainie takes a personal interest in every step of the process, including details such as music and sound effects.

Click through the images to get a taste of demo production with Lainie!


Client List

Lainie's students have gone on to work for clients such as Mattel, Nike, Texas Lottery, Texas Board of Realtors, Victorious, DC Universe Online, and Max Muscle Sports Nutrition.



Lainie has helped many talented voice actors create killer demos that demonstrate their range and potential. 


Click on the names below to hear actual demos produced with Lainie.


Jennifer B.

Nick B.

Jabari W.

Brandon Y.


Paul K.

Nancy M. B. 
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